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Mindful Empowerment - 12 Week Program




12 Weeks


About the Course

The "Empowered Boundaries" program is a 12-week journey designed to help women enhance their self-awareness, self-confidence, and ability to set healthy boundaries, communicate effectively, and manage conflict without feeling guilty or ashamed.

Through a unique approach of mindful empowerment mentoring, participants will develop greater clarity and focus, cultivate more fulfilling relationships, and experience enhanced intimacy while also building the coping skills needed to navigate life's challenges with ease.

The program is structured around nine modules that guide participants through a process of self-exploration, boundary setting, and personal growth. With practical exercises and real-world scenarios, participants will learn to prioritize their needs and values without letting fear of rejection hold them back from pursuing their goals and dreams.

By the end of the program, participants will have developed the skills and confidence needed to uphold personal boundaries while communicating effectively and managing conflict in a healthy and empowered way.

Your Instructor

Jennifer Ferris-Glick

Jennifer Ferris-Glick is the owner of Above to Below.
ennifer Ferris-Glick is an avid learner. Since an early age, she has immersed herself in as much spiritual inquiry as she can, including the Zohar, mystical Judaic studies, and Vedic and Hindu Scriptures. Jennifer combines her background in Cognitive Neuropsychology and Learning with spiritual teachings to coach and consult women to become their best selves. Jennifer is the mother of three human boys, Olliver, Otto, and Wolf; three dogs, Mordy, Durga and Deku.

Jennifer Ferris-Glick
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